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Emergency friends cut

I know I just did a friends cut not too long ago, but I really needed to do this. I only cut a few people, but I'm afraid my decision is final. The reasons for it are my own and I would really rather not discuss them. If you were cut, I will not refriend you. It's nothing personal. I have my reasons and I'm sticking to them.

I know you guys may feel like I'm being a bitch and trust me, I feel like one. But I'm not apologizing for this. I'm sticking up for myself this time and am doing this to protect my best interests. I didn't cut a lot of people before because I was afraid of people getting mad at me.

Take care.
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Okie-doke, I'm getting an awful lot of friends requests lately and quite frankly, I'm not sure who any of the people are. I'm not friends-locking this post so that everyone can see it. I just want to ask a few simple things of people who want to friend me and say a few other things:

~ If I don't know who you are, I'm not going to accept your friend request. If you WANT to friend me, I don't have a problem with it, but PLEASE drop me a line at THIS post, otherwise I will NOT accept your request. Just introduce yourself so I'll get to know you.

~ If you're friending me solely for my fanart, you can always join or watch forevernevermor INSTEAD of friending me. Unless you just really want to friend me too :P

Because of a few things going on lately with people on other websites, I'm kind of strict about how and who I friend on my livejournal. After all, I write about my life on here and share things with my friends I wouldn't normally share with other people. That's another reason why I WON'T accept your friend request if you don't comment on the post above.

See? Not that hard, pretty simple, eh? :P

Thanks guys!!

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Friends cut COMPLETE

Okay, I know I didn't post a reminder of anything for the friends cut, but I just wanted to get it over with. It was a BIG cut but I want all of you who were cut to know that it definitely wasn't anything personal. Either we never really talked or knew each other that well or you just didn't leave a comment in the cut post is the reason why I cut you.

To all who were cut-- please remove me from your f-list as well unless you would like me to add you again. If you want me to add you, just comment to this post and let me know :) Also, if I accidentally cut someone who told me not to cut them, let me know. I tend to do stupid stuff like that.

If you cannot see THIS post, you have been cut.

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Friends-cut COMPLETE

Okay guys I just finished the friends-cut. I cut quite a few people, so if you want me to friend you back I can very easily, just let me know. Also, if I accidentally cut someone who told me NOT to (I tend to do stupid things like that) just let me know. kk? :p

PS: IF you want me to add you back, or if someone wants me to friend them as a reminder PLEASE post a comment at this post HERE. As much as I love all you guys, when I get a friends request from someone I don't know and they don't leave a comment and I add them anyway, it's kind of strange if I don't know who you are. Please post a short comment if you want me to friend you letting me know who you are. Thanks =)

Also, if you want to friend me just because of my graphics, you can always watch forevernevermor and not friend me too.
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Graphics moving!!

I should've listened to geekluvinskater  XD

After much deliberation, I have decided that this LJ is now going to be my personal LJ. Logging in and out of my personal LJ and this one was just way more trouble than it was worth. In addition, all my graphics shall be posted at forevernevermor , this nice little community I made. Feel free to join it to keep updated :)

Also, this journal is now FO. Sorry!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Simply drop me a line and I shall add you :)

All icon posts shall remain public, the only difference is now they shall be posted at forevernevermor =)
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No icons this time, just a pimp post =)

jorjalims has started their round 2 sign-ups and WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING SIGN-UPS FOR ANOTHER WEEK so get your name in there. It's a lot of fun, and it's Jorja, so what's to lose? :)

foxy_fangirls is STILL awaiting entries for stillness #1... c'mon guys. I've got about 7 entries now, which is great, but the entries have been open for quite some time now :( I don't want to have to wait an eternity for entries. Visit THIS post for details on the challenge and it is now mandatory that all members of the community participate (SOME exceptions). So please, oh pretty please, get your entries in :)
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HUGE challenges post

So, I was looking through my Photobucket album and I stumbled upon all the challenges icons I've made, and I realized I haven't posted a lot of them @_@ So, here are 102 (told you there were a lot!!) challenges icons I've made for jorjaallaround  , marg_stillness  , cw_stillness  , marglims  , jorjalims  , griss_lims  and various challenges on TalkCSI (including some non-CSI: icons)

[102] Various Challenge Icons
Including Jorja, Marg, Sara, GSR, Scrubs and many more! :D
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39 stock icons

Yes, more stock icons :D I blame krizzzie  because she got me addicted and hooked me up with all those awesome sites to get pics from. Anyways, 39 new stock icons, a pretty random bunch, none a specific theme. But I sure have been getting into the emo kids haven't I? XD

[39] Stock Icons
Please comment to let me know what you think :)
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Stock icons

I've never made any stock icons before, so I decided to give it a try :D This batch is for krizzzie  who gave me some great sites and ideas to start out with. *huggles* Thanks girl! There's 22 in total, so not a lot, but it was trial and error :)

[22] Stock Icons
Please comment to let me know what you think :)
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Problem Girl Chapter Three

New chapter (again) :D

Title: Problem Girl
Rating: T (rating may change)
Pairing(s): Catherine/Sara
Summary: When they all make you feel like you're a problem girl, remember-- you're no problem at all.
Disclaimer: I own nothing as usual. CSI: is owned by Anthony Zuiker, CBS and many other important people who are not me. I also do not own the song Problem Girl by Rob Thomas.
Link: Chapter Three
A/N: WordPad again, so typos and embarrassing mistakes are mine and mine alone ;)